spring lawn care tips

How to Care for your Lawn in the Spring

spring lawn care tipsSpringtime is the most important season of the year for your lawn.

Properly caring for your lawn in the spring can ensure a healthy, green and lovely lawn for the rest of the year.

Conversely, not caring for your lawn in the spring almost certainly guarantees a weak, sick and patchy lawn for the rest of the year.

Caring for your lawn make take a bit of work and energy, the payoff of a growing green lawn is more than worth it.

These spring lawn care tips and tricks will ensure your lawn is the best lawn it can be all year round!

You may need to modify these tips depending on your own personal climate and the overall condition of your lawn.

If you keep up lawn maintenance year round, you might not even need to take advantage of all these tips!

Spring Lawn Care Tip #1: Rake your lawn early on in the spring after spring weather sets in.

Many people think that raking your lawn is something you only do in the fall.

But raking your lawn in the spring is a crucial step in keeping it healthy and disease/mold-free.

You should thoroughly rake your lawn in the spring to remove dead leaves, thatch and matted patches which are commonly called “snow mold.”

Matted patches can hamper the ability of new growth on your lawn, so it’s important to take care of these patches early.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #2: Thoroughly check your lawn for compaction.

Compaction can be caused by heavy foot traffic, especially during the winter, as well as dog spots and general lawn neglect. You will need to purchase a lawn aerator to get rid of compaction.

These can usually be rented at local lawn care or home care centers.

Unfortunately, experts recommend that lawn aeration be done during the fall.

However, knowing that your lawn has compaction in the spring can prepare you to complete the task in the fall as well as ensure you will be more careful in the in-between months about traffic or other issues that could exacerbate the compaction.

Spring Lawn care Tip #3: Fill in bare lawn patches with seeds.

If your spring lawn has frequent bare patches (which can be caused by dog spots, foot traffic, previous compaction or other neglect) you may need to apply new grass seed in these areas to fill in the patches.

This is called overseeding. If you need to overseed your lawn, you should apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. This will ensure the new grass grows in without a risk of burning.

Five weeks after the grass germinates, you can then apply a quick release nitrogen fertilizer to speed up the process.

Generally, you should wait until the fall to overseed. However, overseeding can be done in the spring if you want to have filled patches by the time winter weather sets in.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #4: Fertilize your lawn with light fertilizer in the spring.

Spring is a great time to fertilize your lawn using a lighter application of fertilizer.

If you apply too much fertilizer, or use heavy duty fertilizer, this may cause weed problems and increase the risk for lawn diseases which pop up in the summer.

Organic fertilizers, such as compost or mulch, are recommended especially in the springtime.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #5: Check daily for weeds and apply the appropriate solution to get rid of them.

The problem of weeds tends to begin in the spring, when seeds are being blown around and are ripe for growing.

You should check daily for new weeds in your lawn and get rid of them. You can get rid of growing weeds by applying herbicides to the weed plant, or you can get rid of weeds the old fashioned way by pulling them.

Some people even find that harvesting certain weeds – such as dandelion greens – makes for a great organic salad.

Whatever you choose to do, you must be consistent with your weeding. A small weed problem in the spring can turn into a gigantic weed extravaganza in the fall.

Taking care of your lawn properly in the spring will ensure smoother lawn maintenance in the fall, summer and winter. And having a well manicured lawn not only just feels and looks good, it adds value to your home. If you want to sell house fast then your landscaping needs to look just as good or even better than your home.

If you neglect your lawn in the spring, you can be sure that the summer growing season will be more difficult to handle.

By consistently pulling weeds, fertilizing with appropriate fertilizers, and taking care of compaction and patches, your spring lawn will ensure a healthier lawn all year round.

For winter lawn care tips check out my next article.

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