How to kill mosquitoes

How to kill mosquitoesMosquitoes often annoy people with their presence. If you faced such a problem don’t fall into frustration. Take action! We advise starting with making homemade mosquito traps.

Creating a homemade mosquito trap

Find a big powerful fan in the hardware store or supermarket. With such a fan and a couple of other things you can create a trap that will help to reduce the number of mosquitoes around you.

Attach a mosquito net to one side of the fan. Next, cover the front side of the fan with a thin metal net against insects. Turn the fan on and let it run for at least a couple of hours. As a rule, the number of mosquitoes will decrease significantly.

Use other traps

Undoubtedly, if you want to know how to kill mosquitoes for sure – you will find no better way than to use insecticides. But if you do not want to use it (as it has multiple side-effects), try special mosquito traps. It can be:

Heat traps

With their help, you can warm the air to a mid-level temperature, thereby attracting mosquitoes. However, they are more useful for industrial enterprises or farms.

CO2 traps

Such traps emit carbon dioxide and attract mosquitoes. They can be compact in size and suitable for home use.

H2O traps

Such traps will be of use to those who suffer from allergies. However, it cannot boast of good efficiency.

Propane traps

These traps are considered the most effective. They can kill a huge number of these flying vampires at once. Such traps literally draw mosquitoes inside like a vacuum cleaner and they die there within 24 hours. You can see which ones are good by going here

Spray some insecticide

In case you need a temporary effect – use insecticides. Spray some DEET as it is the most effective pesticide for repelling mosquitoes. The weak point of it is that it only lasts a few hours and can not only kill mosquitoes, but also other insects. There are other insecticides which can cause less damage, but they are much less effective. As a rule their effect is short-term and more suitable for processing clothes.

Plant plants repelling mosquitoes

There are plants which have a decreasing effect on the mosquito population. But the benefits from them will only be visible if you are going to plant a lot of them: citronella, any citrus plants or lemongrass, basil, as well as rosemary and mint. Mosquitos don’t like the way they small and will try to avoid flying closer to them.

Try to kill mosquitoes with a vacuum cleaner

That is a really effective way to kill mosquitoes. Simply attach the hose to a powerful vacuum cleaner. Switch it on and act. Mosquitoes will die as soon as they get into the vacuum cleaner bag. In fact, such a method is the best idea for those living in a flat. Make sure that all the windows are closed. Otherwise, that will be the uphill work

Use anti-mosquito bacteria in tablets and granules

You’ve probably heard of B.T.I. That is biological and one of its main functions is controlling the population of these insects. They are represented in the shape of round tablets, donut-shaped tablets. Also, you might find in the store granules and bags with a powdered product. The first two are the best selling products for getting rid of insects in the US.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in a private house?

On the market there are products which are able to kill larvae. It can stop its appearance for 30 days. This method is eco-friendly. You can place the product in any place with still water, even into a deep puddle – and it will solve the mosquito problem.

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