Silky Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw Review

Silky 179-39 Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw

Silky created a “classic” tool in the world of pole saws with the 179-39. Considered the pole saw choice of professionals, it has aluminum alloy extension poles that oval shaped and gives incredible precise control over the blade’s directions, which is important for cutting high places. It also allows you to have the rigidity and strength of the pole that reduces bending at the places you need it most.

The pole’s base has an end shock absorber and rubberized (comfortable) grip that ensures good control and holding. The blades utilize their Silky four RETSUME technology in which the teeth are set in a way that makes it look like its four rows of them.

This makes it ideal for the hardest pruning jobs. On top of that, the blade can adjust to different angles for higher or lowering cutting.

It also features a lower and upper sickle. The lower sickle provides a cut that is clean without doing damage to the tree and the higher sickle keeps the blade from slipping off the limb.

Widely regarded as the finest telescoping pole saw around on the market today. The rigid, plastic blade (black) is included in the package. To be ensured of effective use of the pole saws, there are two locking systems so that the structures of the poles remain set. One is the friction clamp and the other is locking buttons or pins.

The secondary locking system is from the clamps and the locking buttons are the primary pole locking system. They work together so that one hundred percent of the effort at the handle will be transferred to the blade up to a whopping twenty-one feet away. The upper sickle can be used to cut vines off, the other sickle can clean cut bark without doing damage to the tree.

About its Manufacturer: Silky

Manufactured in On Japan, Silky saws are literally home to the finest steel known to mankind. Silky has been crafting saws for fine woodcutting since the early 20th century. Backed by an impressive ambition to raise the bar, they make their products built for long endurance, precise efficiency and high quality materials.

Silky strives for innovation and design and it shows in their impressive tools, so they have widely become known as one of the premier saw companies in the world. Sherrill incorporated distributes them through the United States.

Here are some of the other features...

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    Three extension four poles or sections for telescoping pole saw model that extends twenty one feet
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    Extension range is from eight to twenty-one feet with a maximum reach of twenty-five feet
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    Fifteen inch blade length, five and a half teeth per inch teeth configuration
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    Seven pounds operating weight and 7.35 with blade cover
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    Can use it for trimming, pruning for lawn and garden

Here are some of the pros and cons...

Wonderfully stable – if you’re skeptical about its ability to cut at 20’ feet heights, then think again, it’s a cinch and it does the work for you, very stabling.

Lightweight and fancy free– if you’re older or have weak upper body strength, this should not be a problem for you to use.

Well built – it’s made out of extremely quality materials.

Large handgrip – not cheap or plastic, this enables confidence while cutting above head at wide distances.

Price – although it is at a higher price than most would like, it is definitely worth it once you actually use it a few times.


The Silky 179-39 Pole Saw is a wonderful use of money when you need something that has great reach and is also sharp enough to make quick work out of higher branches. The machine handles well and other than the price, doesn’t have any negative qualities to it that would make people regret purchasing it. Therefore, this is considered a good buy in regards to performance and handling. You will see this is a steal after a few good uses.

RATING: 4.0 out of 5

Silky 179-39 Landscaping Pole Saw