Tanaka Backpack Blower Review – (2018)

Tanaka TBL 7800R Blower Tube

You need a great tool to perform average jobs done in a snap. Average tools can only cause pain and frustration and sometimes embarrassment to the individual.

If you don’t want to look like you belong in a “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial while in your lawn, then you want a quality power tool that can make large jobs seem a lot smaller and takes small jobs and eat them for breakfast.

That’s where we introduce the Tanaka Backpack Blower, that has a number of features and intangible, qualitative features that will go a long way while you’re working in the yard.

Assembly is a snap with only the throttle body and tubes needing to be installed, and the operation is amazingly simple. All you have to do is pull it a few times and it will work flawlessly. It’s is as easy as they come.

This blower is the largest in the Tanaka lines. It features output of eight hundred and fifty CFM, and a sixty-five cc engine and a tube mounted throttle control switch. This is a commercial grade blower that can handle big and small projects in your home.

Tanaka powered forward in their innovation by being the first manufacturer to have a two-stroke engine certified to the tight CARB Tier II emission regulations while other companies tried to say it was impossible to do that with a two-stroke engine. This machine is not at all heavy but gets the job done. This blower will save you time and money by cleaning up completely and efficiently. You can be happy with your decision to choose a Tanaka product.

About its Manufacturer: Tanaka

Tanaka makes products for both the homeowner and professional landscapers. Their motto is to make your job easier and save you time. Since their inception, they have worked to set themselves apart from the competition by being committed to producing products that are two stroke powered, making products that use only professional grade engine components, and by providing an outstanding level of customer service to its users. Tanaka the brand is owned by Hitachi in the POWER tools Group division.

This machine is EPA phase II compliant and CARB Tier II complaint. It has a tube mounted throttle and a sixty-ounce fuel tank and a seventy-five decibel noise level. The actual weight is twenty-three pounds and has a six hundred fifty five cfm/two hundred five mile per hour pipe. It can only be shipped to locations within the United States.

Here are some of the other features...

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    Sixty five cc, 4.3 Horsepower, commercial grade, two stroke engine
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    Eight hundred and five CFM and two hundred and five miles per hour
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    Tube mounted control switch throttle

Here are some of the pros and cons...

Unbelievably powerful performance – whether you need large or small jobs done, this gets it done, easily and professionally.

Incredibly easy to use – even a non-technical person can feel like a pro using this in no time.

Wonderfully simple assembly- it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to get this thing started.

Well-built machine – the craftsmanship is good and feels made to last.

Tanaka TBL 7800R Blower

Louder than would care to have – most are loud anyway unless you’re going green, so mainly a preference personally.

Hard to get to primer bulb – it is tucked under the carb so it’s a little harder to get to, again not a big deal


Most people have had their share of disposable consumer brand blowers, but fortunately, this is not one of them. The Tanaka Backpack Blower handles well and efficiently, and you an feel good about paying a little extra for one especially if you are in regular need of a blower. Therefore, with this product, we consider this a great buy.

RATING: 4.0 out of 5