Greenworks Electric Dethatcher Review (2018)

Greenworks 27022 Electric Dethatcher

Don’t let thatch get in the way of you having a beautiful, manicured lawn. Thatch is the layer of dead material that is located at the base of your dirt and grass. It prevents your lawn from receiving air, water and other nutrients into the root system of your lawn.

Instead of straining yourself for hours with a rake over your yard, get a dethatcher to rid your lawn of this thick, dead, matter.

You want to give your yard the best chance it possibly can to survive. And one of the best dethatchers on the market is from Greenworks. Greenworks makes products that not only last, they save the environment from harmful fumes and emissions.

On top of producing a zero carbon footprint, they make sure their products will perform at the highest level possible and be reliable when you need it to be.

Some of its more high performing features include 14-inch stainless steel tines that are sharp and remain sharper for a longer duration. It also has an incredibly ergonomic feel to it to match. The device has a bale switch and a padded grip for added control and comfort and the cord lock holds the extension cord securely in place.

The tine depth adjusts to three different positions and they add even greater control as it removes matted layers so that your lawn continues to remain healthy. On of the best features of this machine is the fact that it is electric, therefore, you don need to worry about going to the gas station or dealing with expensive maintenance or tune-ups.

Instead of being part of the negative statistics of people who use eight hundred million gallons of gas each year and spill seventeen million while refueling, you can stay ahead of the curve with an environment friendly power tool that saves you time and effort.

The Greenworks Dethatcher weighs only thirty-two pounds shipped and is available for shipping to other countries. It’s made for medium sized lawns but has worked well on larger ones and there is a manufacturer’s guarantee of four years that is double the industry standard.

About its Manufacturer: Greenworks

Greenworks makes their mark on the world by providing wonderful, reliable and safe products to the world. Each one of their products come with a highly superior; double the industry standard four-year warranty. Their mission is to make products for the home and garden that are both hassle-free and safer on the environment than normal, gas guzzling mowers.

Here are some of the other features...

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    Ergonomic bale switch and padded grip for added control and comfort
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    Included is a full set of replacement tines
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    Cord lock that holds the extension cord firmly in place
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    Warranty of four year parts and labor
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    Stainless steel tines that are made to stay sharper for longer durations

Here are some of the pros and cons...

Easy assembly – instruction manual is short and to the point, just make sure you follow them closely.

Handles its job well –it can do a lot more than two workers in the yard with a rake for hours at a time.

Solid warranty – four years on parts and labor cant be beat.

Price is right – even for occasional usage, you wont feel bad about purchasing this machine at this price.

Comes with replacements – when the tines wear out, and they will, it’s always good to know that you have a full set replacement tines included with the package.

Overheating – mainly due to using the wrong grade extension cord, make sure you read instructions thoroughly before using it on one.

Greenworks 27022 Amp Electric Dethatcher


The Greenworks Electric Dethatcher may look like a cheap, worthless utensil for the yard, but it is quite a handy, time saving power tool that does its main function well. Although it doesn’t come with a ton of features for “tech-heavy” consumers, it still is a remarkable machine that is worth its weight in gold.

Therefore we consider this a great buy for anyone who wants to rid his or her lawn of thatch easily and handily.

RATING: 4.0 out of 5