Should You Contract Out Your Yard Landscaping or Do It Yourself?

create a lanscaped yardIf you are considering landscaping your yard, one major decision to consider is whether or not to use a landscaper or do the work yourself, both have pros and cons, here’s a brief summary of what to consider.

Your home landscaping is an important part of your happiness in your home; it can serve to depress you or enlighten your days. Nothing feels better than to come home to a place that is satisfying to you senses.

Here’s some of the major considerations for making the decision to use a contractor or do your landscaping yourself.

Deciding on How Much You Commit to Your House’s Yard

Some people do not feel that they have the knowledge or skills to create a good landscape plan. Others may like a given plant or a given color of landscape edging, stone or landscape lighting but do not really want to do the work.

Others are happy as long as an expert shows them something that gives them a little color, low pollen, easy maintenance and looks good year around.

Chances are these people will prefer to use a contractor.

Amateur gardeners can build their own plan because they have a “look” that they would like to create in their yard. In looking around at the local landscaping in their area, they find that the plants used are similar in each yard, the layout looks the same, and lacks the “special” something that would make their home look unique.

Chances are these people will prefer to do some of the work themselves.

Using a Contractor to Build the Garden Plan for Your House

A contractor, sometimes the local garden expert at the plant nursery, can build a garden design for you that will meet your needs. They know the plants that grow well in your area—some plants don’t do well given certain temperature constraints, soils, water requirements, or sunlight requirements.

They are often familiar with general styles or can show you some different styles. Basic landscape design books like x will provide a selection that you can show to a contractor and say “like this”.

But often, they choose the most common and readily available plants. And they may have preset ideas about what looks good. They may not want to adjust their plan to your tastes.

Building Your Own Garden Plan for Your House

Building your own garden plan takes work. You need a measuring tape to measure the size of your yard, your gardens, and your house and window spacing etc. You need graph paper to draw out the area to be developed.

Using the same basic landscape design books, you can combine different plants and styles to make a formal plan less formal, use native plants, or adjust it to be suitable for your light, soil, temperature etc.

Chances are your design will be unique and suit your tastes better than a contractor will. You need to find out about each plant, each type of landscape mulch, each type of edging and find out where to buy it all.

Using a Contractor to Install the Garden Design for Your House

One of the benefits of having a Contractor install your garden design is they do all the work. They can order hard to obtain plants.

Contractors have access to and know how to operate large machines used to plant large trees. They typically know how to estimate the supplies you will need.

One of the drawback is that many times you don’t get to see the individual plant until it has been planted in your yard. A second drawback is they may substitute plants to fill a slot in your design, telling you it is unavailable.

Contractor’s often work larger installations and get done quickly keeping the mess and noise to a minimum.

Installing the Garden Design for Your House Yourself

One of the benefits of doing the job yourself is that you can do piecemeal installations one at a time rather than doing the entire landscape at once. You also save delivery fees if you go and fetch the plant or mulch or gravel yourself.

You may also skip a plant until you locate the exact needed plant. Note: some plants are meant to be planted in fall, others in spring.

Installing the garden design yourself allows you to save planting until the appropriate time.

The down side is you have to do all the work and the mess often lasts longer because of your lack of experience or lack of manpower.

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