Tipke foldit cart – Is it worth getting???

My feedback for the Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

Tipke 2100 Utility Cart

Designed specifically for use in marine environment, this incredible machine can literally be used also for a number of other activities, from working on the lawn and garden to other large or small outdoor projects.

The Tipke Fold-It Utility Cart has been found by its users to be one of the best all-purpose carts around.

It’s a durable, maneuverable cart that can outperform most carts in virtually any activity that calls for the need to haul materials or gear around the marina, and even around your neighborhood.

The Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart is well built and affordable

This is perfect for the home. Because this was designed to be around salt water, using it primarily for your landscaping needs it should practically last you forever. Something you can literally give to your kids and they could give their kids. Value here!

The cart has the ability to fold up flatly when it’s not in used so you won’t be limited by clunky equipment in your shed or garage like other large and awkward wheelbarrows or garden carts. You can literally store this machine anywhere without a hitch.

As well as it being handy; it is also incredibly stable and strong. It has been considered a powerhouse Foldit Utility Cart by Tipkethat can easily handle up to three hundred and fifty pounds of materials in its bed. Perfect for those doing hardscapes in their backyards or building retaining walls or other heavy yard work

Just lock it in place and make sure the device is unfolded fully, and you can haul around virtually any type of cargo, from mulch, plants and even bigger tools.

The aluminum is marine grade so that it fights off corrosion and prevents rust and it has the versatility to be pulled by hand, tractors or bikes because of its comfortable grip handle. Plus it’s aluminum, so it will always have some value!

Finding a foldable and durable cart that is strong like this one is a difficult thing to do, if not nearly impossible. The Foldit Utility Cart stands out in a class by itself.

Foldit Utility Cart by Tipke

About its Manufacturer: Tipke

The Tipke Manufacturing Company is out of Spokane WA, so Made in the USA, and has produced a huge number of quality metal goods for over forty years with a specialization of tube and sheet metal fabrication. They make parts for the construction, metal, food service and recreational product industries.

They make all of their parts fabricated to a level above what their customers require and expect from them. This helps them excel in the minds of each new customer they get. Part of their motivation is to create and establish great relationships with their consumers to build a stronger business.

Therefore, they get customer input when prototyping and designing their products. Their aim is to be the ultimate one-stop shop for fabricating metal.

Technical Specs

The cart’s shipping weight is thirty-four pounds and can be shipped only within the United States. It comes with a limited two-year warranty and is fifty five by thirty and three fourths by twenty-three inches.

Here are some of the other features...

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    Carries three hundred and fifty pounds of gear for boats, lawn "stuff" or whatever you want
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    A fold up utility cart for use in marine activities
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    Aluminum that is marine grade for the prevention of corrosion and rust
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    Occupies just under two feet of storage space for tight spots in your shed or garage

Here are some of the pros and cons...


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    Small enough to put virtually anywhere – you can fit it in the back of a car on your excursions to the water, and store it in your shed or garage with ease. It takes up no space at all.
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    Well designed and sturdy – built with quality materials, this can load pretty much anything on it and it will take it like a champ.
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    Easy assembly – should take you no more than ten minutes to assemble.
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    Available for non-marine usage – even if you weren’t going to the water with this cart, you can still use it for hauling leaves, soil or anything for your garden or yard. A versatile piece of equipment that helps stretch your money to the max.


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    Wear gloves when you assemble – sheet metal is sharp, so be careful when assembling.


The Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart is a very capable cart that has a ton of qualitative features that makes this stand out from the pack. In performance, it comes out above grade, and in the intangibles, it definitely raises the bar.

In an apple to apples comparison, you should consider this one upper tier. Therefore we rate this as a good buy.

RATING: 4.0 out of 5