Poulan Pro Pole Pruner With String Trimmer Attachment Reviews

Poulan Pro PP338PT Pole Pruner String Trimmer

Nowadays people look for convenience when they’re working hard in their lawns to prune and clear brush, and clean the shrubs around their homes. Many people are forced to try and reach high trees and shrubs by dangerously climbing ladders to get them cut. What if there was a product that helped you eliminate that hassle filled task?

What if there was a pruner that was powerful enough to cut like a chainsaw or trimmer and still be able to reach into those hard to reach areas in your lawn? Is that something that would interest frustrated consumers? The answer is a resounding yes and today, there is a product that can do that.

The Poulan Pro 2-Stroke Gas Powered Pole Pruner helps solve those problems with pesky shrubs, bushes in your lawn. Now, you don’t have to risk engaging in dangerous activity while getting the job done. This no-hassle gas powered machine has worked wonders for a number of people.

The Poulan is a very powerful machine as it comes with a 2 stroke gas powered engine that allows it to forcefully plow through branches shrubs and the like in your lawn. Capable of cutting up to six-inch limbs in diameter, you can see the nice blend of power and reach.

If you have mature trees in your yard that are over ten feet high, then you will love the reach this machine has with its 12 foot reach so that you are able to get to them and trim as they need it.

The capable attachment straight shaft and an eight-inch bar with a chain auto gear drive oiler is included. The reach is absolutely remarkable for your do it yourself home pruning projects.

About its Manufacturer: Poulan Pro

Founded in 1944, the history of the Poulan Pro brand encapsulates a long line of powerful lawn mowers, riding mowers, tillers, trimmers, snow throwers, chains saws and blowers. They pride themselves on making two cycles and four cycle engines that are both powerful and long lasting. Their tools have help thousands of people keep their lawns as one of the best in the neighborhood. The value that Poulan Pro brings is that it offers quality, durability and power as well as an aggressive pricing structure to attract a bevy of customers. On top of that their customer service is available to accommodate people with every yard need imaginable.

This machine has a two-cycle engine powered by gas with a trimmer head that comes included. The chain auto gear drive oilier and eight inch bar comes standard. It also has an attachment capable shaft that’s straight.

Here are some of the other features...

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    It comes capable of attachments
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    A pole pruner and trimmer that’s gas powered
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    A chain with an eight-inch bar.
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    Included in the box is a J handle.
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    Non CARB Compliant, which means it’s not for sale in California.

Here are some of the pros and cons...

Wonderful reaching pruner – with an extension of twelve feet, this is an incredibly useful device for high and hard to reach areas.

Powerful gas powered product –slices through branches up to six inches in diameter with ease.

Easily assembled – once the strap for the shoulder is positioned correctly, it’s a snap.

Cheap build – not the most craftsman quality pruner but it gets the job done.

Reports of bad starting mechanism – there have been some people complaining of its “quirky” starting capabilities.

Poulan Pro PP338PT Gas Pruner Trimmer


Built for people that have towering trees standing above their yards, this handy, convenient device does its main job well. Other than its cheap build and intermittent reports of problems with starting, this is a decent machine for what its made to do. At its price point, which is relatively cheap, it can get the job done without any major headaches.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5