Gardena 4025-U Reel Lawn Mower Review

Gardena 4025-U Push Reel Lawn Mower
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Gardena 15-Inch Cordless Push Reel Lawn Mower gives you a comfortable experience when you have to cut your lawn. Instead of needing to run to the gas station, or tire your arm out with pulling and yanking, you can experience reel lawn mowing at it’s best with this fabulously simple machine.

This maintenance free reel mower is both safe and quiet. You won’t have to worry about allowing your kid use this machine for cutting the grass. It’s also battery powered and cordless so you won’t have to worry about getting your cord tangled in the fray.

This product was truly created to be headache free!

The Gardena mower is a cinch to assemble and the instructions are very easy to understand.

Among some of its features to keep you from using unnecessary energy is the LED display so that you can monitor the battery levels, an ergonomic design for the handle and the adjustable height controller. The 25volt lithium ion battery makes sure that you will have an optimum cutting performance.

In comparison to other reel lawn mowers, this is definitely a step above the fray. If you have a larger lawn, you have the option to get an additional battery so that you can cut it all in one pass, however, for most lawns, the standard battery will do just fine.

The adjustable settings allow the grass to cut very fine, or slightly longer if you prefer.

The power of this relatively small machine is amazing, being able to cut through thick grass with relative ease. And you don’t even have to worry about it locking up if you run over a twig. The handle also folds for easy storing, and to clean is all of about two minutes.

About its Manufacturer: Gardena

Founded in 1961, Gardena started as a small trading company that sold garden tools and turned into a recognized worldwide manufacturer of systems for lawn care and intelligent products. They bring innovation strength and unique design to their brand communication towards their enthusiastic consumer base. A subsidiary of the Husqvarna group, Gardena strives to make gardening easy by intelligent and simple product solutions.

Gardena is considered one of the strongest brands amongst all of its international competitors in its sector. This is one quality product in a long list of premium products from Gardena.

The weight of this unit is 36 pounds and the cutting width is 15inches. The battery is a 25v lithium ion and it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

Here are some of the other features...

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    Doubles as a conventional reel mower without the battery
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    LED display indicates the charge levels of the battery
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    Adjustable cutting height using a controller and cutting height scale
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    Replaceable, powerful 25v battery

Here are some of the pros and cons...

It’s a very quiet mower – not exactly silent, but way more quieter than other mowers in its class.

Incredibly lightweight–makes it easy to maneuver around your yard and different terrains.

Its easy to adjust –it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to adjust this thing, in fact it’s pretty easy to do.

Cleaning is a snap – this is in essence is a simple push button with attached battery, so, it shouldn’t be that complicated an auto detailing brush will do the job.

Bags easily – simple operation and rear bagging is simply awesome.

Expensive – great product but can be a bit less expensive.

Weed be gone – has trouble on weeds on lawns.

Gardena 4025-U Lawn Mower


The Gardena 4025-U 15-Inch Reel Lawn Mower comes refreshingly simple and works out to be a perfect match for most people who look for a lightweight reel mower without the headache.

In terms of performance, this handles above average however the pricing is a bit on the high side.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5

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