Black & Decker LPHT120 Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Black & Decker LPHT120 Trimmer
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A lot of brands cite a wealth of features when touting at their power tools, but there are a lot of worthless features out there especially for those of us who have tall, or awkwardly sited and hard to reach shrubs and edges. What product is out there specifically for those situations?

You may be excited to know that the Black & Decker LPHT120 22-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer carries exactly what you need to get the job done.

It features a head and ends that can connect for a length of six-and a half feet and trims up to ten feet high. The head also pivots one hundred and eighty degrees and adjusts to five different positions with the slide of a button. So it is a perfect weapon to chop down either low or high growing hedges.

Powered by a twenty volt Max lithium ion battery, it has a lifespan and charge that is 5 times longer than the eighteen-volt NiCad batteries. One of the best parts of this is that a cord won’t limit you while you operate this machine.

It has fifty percent less weight on the battery, so the unit is incredibly light, even when the battery is installed.

The blade measures twenty inches long and is made out of pre-hardened, machined steel. This helps it supply over twenty four hundred strokes a minute and can cut branches up to seven sixteenths of an inch.

Made with a durable plastic body, you can feel safe knowing that this thing isn’t going out for the count anytime soon.

The lock off switch can prevent unintended start ups for safety functionality and the trimmer can be disassembled very quickly and stored in the carry bag for transporting to job sites or storing at home.

About its Manufacturer: Black and Decker

Since its inception over 100 years ago, Black & Decker has seen its market share around the world increase due to its immense focus on customer needs and satisfaction. That’s how they’ve been able to build valuable, quality products to help people utilize their tools worldwide.

Black & Decker is the world’s leading brand in home products that consists of, yard care, power tools and smaller appliances.

Technical Specs

The product weighs seven pounds with the battery installed. The battery also comes with an Energy Star qualified charger that takes eight hours to fully charge a battery. It can also charge other Black and Decker cordless tools that are compatible with the 20-volt Max Lithium ion batteries. It comes with the 20-inch pole trimmer, 20-volt lithium ion battery and charger, a blade cover, and a carrying and storage bag.

Here are some of the other features...

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    Eight inch dual action cutting blade that has a seven sixteenths inch gap for comfortable and smooth trimming of shrubs and hedges
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    One hundred and eighty degree pivoting head that locks into five positions for cutting low and high growing hedges
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    Power and head ends connect for a usable length of six and a half feet that can provide a reach of up to ten feet.
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    The unit can disassemble for easy transport and storage.
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    Twenty volt max lithium ion battery that holds its charge five times longer and has a lifespan longer than the Nicad batteries that are similar

Here are some of the pros and cons...

Great for hard to reach places – for its main function, it does wonders.

Decent battery life – the batteries will definitely do the trick for most projects.

Value for the money – for what you pay for, you definitely see the value in it.

Awkward for up close cuts – although its great for most far cuts, it is a bit uncomfortable to use for close cuts.

Heavier than expected – this machine is a bit heavy, therefore, shoulders would wear out before the battery will.

Reach is misleading – more of an 18 inch than a 22-inch stretch

Black & Decker LPHT120 Hedge Trimmer


Black & Decker LPHT120 22-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer works well at its main function which makes it valuable for the tall task of reaching higher shrubs, etc but lacks a number of other qualitative features that would make this an absolute stand out.

Although it’s not heavy, its awkwardness causes it to feel a bit heavier than one would imagine and its lack of flexibility doesn’t allow for it to operate in tighter spaces. Overall, it’s a decent buy.

RATING: 3.0 out of 5

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